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Who we are

A mutant, hybrid and expanded collective.

Since its creation (2004) SNEO has participated in numerous projects located at the point of intersection where technological tools and languages converge with contemporary creation.

This means a long list of collaborators and agents (public and private) that act as links in the value chain of the cultural and creative industries. Without each of them and without the complicity of audiences and communities (physicals and virtuals) our work would not be possible.

SNEO conceives and manages its own creations as well as co-productions in the field of performing arts. Collaborates in museography and experiential projects with other companies and accompany (mentoring) creators and communities interested in exploring the possibilities of technological tools.

Kubics (2021) is a research collective focused on digital creation processes with which SNEO is currently carrying out transversal projects in the field of videogames and narrative comics (Robin, forced migrations) as well as proposals that incorporate AI applications, MoCap, generative art and VR (PiP Performance in Pixels, an exhibition project on virtual platforms).